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With a diverse group of people, our therapist are here to help your children succeed to their greatest potential. As academics, professional, and parents, our diverse team is here to support your family while continuing to learn and grow to create a unique experience for you all. 

We speak English, Spanish and Portuguese and come form all walks of life. As a team, we work to meet your family where they are. 

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Carla Mosciaro, RBT

As a bilingual therapist in South Florida, Carla Mosciaro is a Registered Behavior Technician who has worked with children in every setting as schools, home and community. Carla has been working with kids with ADD, ADHD and ASD for over 10 years. She is currently finishing her bachelor’s degree in Florida International University in psychology with a focus in Applied Behavior Analysis. She is passionate about behavior analysis and has seen firsthand the big impact that ABA and early intervention make on children to help develop their personalities, potential, and improve their independence levels.

She believes that working together we can make a better environment for the ones in need.

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Carla Mosciaro, RBT

Florida International University, Bachelor of Science in Psychology 

Gardner Scholarship