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With a diverse group of people, our therapist are here to help your children succeed to their greatest potential. As academics, professional, and parents, our diverse team is here to support your family while continuing to learn and grow to create a unique experience for you all. 

We speak English, Spanish and Portuguese and come form all walks of life. As a team, we work to meet your family where they are. 

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AboutClaire Fountain, MS, RMHCI

Claire Fountain is a trauma-informed therapist under supervision, yoga instructor, and writer whose honest approach to health embodies the union of authenticity, humanist theory, and everyday practice. Claire began teaching yoga

in 2009, while continuing her studies in mindfulness and embodiment. Her work focuses on the intersection of well-being, mind-body healing, self-worth and the

stories we tell ourselves. She is a sex-positive, sexuality/gender/kink/sex-work affirmative, and lived-experience counselor. Claire’s work is informed by narrative, feminist, existential, and psychoanalytical theories to best facilitate what clients might need for their healing journey.

Claire obtained her psychology degree from Vassar College, and is certified in yoga and personal training. She received her Masters in Counseling from Wake Forest University, where she was an active member of Chi Sigma Iota Honor Society. Claire’s work ranges from private clients, over a dozen e-books and articles to international classes and speaking engagements.

When she is not working on breaking stereotypes in wellness, Claire can be found reading, listening to UK music, planning trips with her loved ones, or

utilizing rest as the highest form of self-care. She also has a deep love for tea and toast with jam.

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Claire Fountain

Vassar College, Bachelors in Psychology

Wake Forest University, Masters in Counseling 

Gardner Scholarship