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With a diverse group of people, our therapist are here to help your children succeed to their greatest potential. As academics, professional, and parents, our diverse team is here to support your family while continuing to learn and grow to create a unique experience for you all. 

We speak English, Spanish and Portuguese and come form all walks of life. As a team, we work to meet your family where they are. 

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Luis Garcia, rbt

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Luis graduated from Florida International University with a specialization in

Applied Behavior Analysis and has been a practicing ABA therapist since 2013.

Throughout his practice, he has had the pleasure of working with a wide variety

of individuals of all ages and from all walks of life. He believes that our

purpose in life is to help those around us, clients and therapists alike, on

their journeys towards developing self-confidence, independence, and autonomy

while still maintaining a strong connection to the community and family.

While working two incredible years abroad in Panama, he spent time volunteering

at Fundacion Soy Capaz, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing

assistance and resources to families of adults with Autism and Asperger's. There

he served as a foreign volunteer supporting autism advocacy by disseminating

information regarding Autism and ABA to the community while also supporting the

outspoken desires for independence of high-functioning members of the foundation

and their families. He would help them plan out and achieve their goals of

autonomy while providing ABA teachings to their families and the volunteers of

the foundation.

His time there forever changed his perceptions on life and now seeks to earn a

Master's degree in Mental Health Counseling so he can broaden his teachings to

be able to work with a more eclectic clientele.

Luis Garcia, RBT

Florida International University, Bachelor of Science in Psychology with a concentration in ABA

Gardner Scholarship