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About Shannon Pena, MS, BCaBA 

Shannon Pena is a Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA). She graduated with a Master of Social Work Degree at Walden University, and is now a Registered Clinical Social Work Intern. She is currently pursuing an MS in Psychology with a concentration in Behavior Analysis at Walden University. She started her career in Behavior Analysis in 2012 until around 2015, where I decided to pursue a degree in Social Work, which is one of my passions. As a BCaBA working towards the BCBA certification and Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Shannon plans to utilize both disciplines to provide optimum services to my clients and supervisees. Shannon has a passion for teaching and mentoring, and her goal is to be that support for my supervisees. My hobbies include traveling and lounging at home with my dogs.

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Walden University, Masters in Clinical Social Work

Florida International University, Bachelor of Science in Psychology 

Shannon Pena, MS, RCSW, BCaBA

Gardner Scholarship
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