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MIS Therapy Team

The MIS Therapy team is made up of unique individuals that have a passion for Mental Health and ABA Therapy. We have worked hard to develop a team that is diverse in their skill set and knowledge, without compromising the passion one must have for the field of ABA. We work together to provide insight and support for each one of our clients. We believe that a team works best when they are supported and driven. Many of our staff comes from different walks of life and cultures. We speak English, Spanish, Creole and Portuguese! We look to provide each family with a individualized experience and the knowledge needed to help their family get to their most successful selves. 

You may hear that we provide a different experience, and its true! With specializations in ABA, Mental Health Counseling, and Family Therapy, we work together to provide you with an experience you can trust. 

Here to Help

Our mission at Monterroso Integrative Services is to provide a specialized experience for parents and children by providing a variety of integrative resources and services that strive to support, educate, and empower all members of the family.