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Christina Lanier

Registered Behavior Technician

She is currently pursuing a master's degree majoring in ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis). With three beautiful children, including a son with autism, she found her passion for ABA and decided to dedicate her career to helping individuals with autism and other developmental challenges. In her free time, she enjoys Sundays as her self-care day, and her love for learning drives her to constantly seek out new knowledge and skills. Her commitment to helping others and her personal experiences as an autism mom have shaped her journey in the field of ABA.

Therapeutic Specialties

Verbal Behavior, Daily Living Skills, Decrease Aggressive behaviors, Parent Training, School Support, Social Skills, Token Systems, Improve Attention Concerns, Self Care, Learning and Academic Skills

What is important to you, for your client to feel, when working with you?

As an AI language model, I don't have personal feelings or emotions. However, in a professional context, it is essential for clients to feel understood, supported, and respected when working with me. Building trust and rapport is crucial to create a productive and positive client experience.

Who do you believe you are for a client as they manage their problems?

I am a supportive and knowledgeable resource for clients as they navigate and address their challenges. My role is to offer guidance, information, and potential solutions to help them make informed decisions and work towards resolving their issues.

What drives your passion for seeing clients?

My passion for assisting clients is driven by the satisfaction of witnessing their growth and positive transformation. Seeing clients overcome obstacles, achieve their goals, and improve their lives motivates me to provide the best possible support and guidance.

How do you believe clients "get better"?

Clients "get better" through a combination of personalized support, effective strategies, and their own commitment to change. This involves identifying and addressing underlying issues, acquiring new skills, gaining insights, and gradually implementing positive changes in their thoughts, behaviors, and emotions.

ABA Department

Christina Lanier


University of Arizona Global Campus

Capella University, School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Client Age Range

Children (2-6), Children (6-12)

Languages Spoken


Personal Hobbies

When I'm not working, I enjoy spending quality time with my kids, engaging in regular workouts to stay active, indulging in good food, going shopping, and having conversations about various aspects of my life.

Sometimes the questions are complicated, and the answers are simple."
― Dr. Seuss

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