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Christine Campbell

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Christine T. Campbell is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Qualified Supervisor who received her Master’s degree in the field of Social Work from the University of South Florida and is an honorably discharged Army Veteran from the United States Army. She has a passion for encouraging growth, restoration, and empowering people of all ages. She also works diligently in providing therapeutic services through a client centered approach by meeting each person where they are. She incorporates the use of a family focused model of treatment with experience in assessing risk, symptoms of PTSD, safety planning, client advocacy, crisis intervention, and community outreach. Her future goals are geared towards being of continued service and growth in the field of social work.

Therapeutic Specialties

Anxiety Disorders, Coping Skills, Depression, Peer Relationships, Trauma - PTSD, Suicidal Ideation, Adolescents Concerns, Anger Management, School Support, Social Skills

What is important to you, for your client to feel, when working with you?

My focus is for each client to feel safe and have a secure environment which provides a sense of freedom to express themselves openly without judgment. Most importantly, they are not alone, and I am partnering with them through their life’s journey.

Who do you believe you are for a client as they manage their problems?

I believe that I am a safe space in which our partnership will allow for clarity, a solution, or new ways of coping with life’s challenges.

What drives your passion for seeing clients?

The belief in knowing that each person has the right to live an abundant life and can change the negative narrative in our minds that may speak doubt or hopelessness.

How do you believe clients "get better"?

The therapeutic relationship encourages individual growth through added awareness, positive coping skills, identifying a strong support system, instilling hope, and developing a growth mindset. Our circumstances or issues improve when the individual is ready and committed to receiving positive change.

Mental Health Department

Christine Campbell


University of South Florida, Bachelors in Social Work

University of South Florida, Masters in Social Work

Client Age Range

Children (2-6), Children (6-12), Teens (13-17), Adult (+18), Geriatric (65+)

Languages Spoken

English, Jamaican Patois

Personal Hobbies

When I’m not working, I enjoy cooking, reading, and spending time with my family.

“To be compassionate is to actively promote the other’s welfare, to give priority to the other’s needs.”
– William Miller & Stephen Rollnick

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