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Tatiana Mikhaylova

Board Certified Behavior Analyst

As a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) with a strong foundation in Speech Pathology, Tatiana Mikhaylova has always been driven by a passion for helping special needs children reach their full potential. Her journey began at the Ural State Pedagogical University in Russia, where she graduated with Honors in 1995. Since then, Tatiana has dedicated herself to this noble cause, unwavering in her belief in the immense potential of every child.

Upon relocating to the United States, Tatiana discovered Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), a new field that captivated her with its promise of unlocking even greater possibilities for children with special needs. Tatiana furthered her education by pursuing a Master's program at Arizona State University(ASU). ABA education has equipped her with the latest insights and methodologies in the field.
Her bilingual proficiency in both English and Russian enables her to connect with a wider range of families and children, fostering effective communication and understanding. Her working style is characterized by a compassionate and individualized approach, tailoring her strategies to meet the specific needs and goals of each child.

In her free time, Tatiana enjoys bonding with her family through activities like hiking and playing Pickleball. She is an avid traveler, constantly seeking new adventures, and is known for her culinary skills, always on the lookout for exciting new recipes to add to her cooking book.

Therapeutic Specialties

Autism / Aspergers, Coping Skills, Verbal Behavior, Daily Living Skills, Decrease Aggressive behaviors, Decreaase Tantrums, Social Skills, Token Systems, Increase replacement behaviors, Learning and Academic Skills

What is important to you, for your client to feel, when working with you?

The most important for me is to see my client's motivation! If I am unsuccessful in finding powerful reinforcers, my work costs nothing.

Who do you believe you are for a client as they manage their problems?

I believe I am the best friend for a client and a supportive mentor for parents.

What drives your passion for seeing clients?

My passion is driven by the belief that every individual, regardless if their challenges, possesses incredible potential for growth and development.

How do you believe clients "get better"?

Clients "get better" through a combination of individualized support, evidence-based interventions, and consistent collaboration between the therapist, the client, and their support network.

ABA Department

Tatiana Mikhaylova


The Ural State University (Russia), Bachelors in Special Education with a Teaching Major in Speech Therapy

Arizona State University, Masters in Special Education, ABA

Client Age Range

Children (2-6), Children (6-12), Adult (+18)

Languages Spoken

English, Russian

Personal Hobbies

When I am not working, I enjoy bonding with my family through activities like hiking, playing Pickleball, singing, traveling, and discovering new recipes for my cooking book.

"Passion in life is not measured in dollars or minutes but in heartbeats and experiences." Shae Ross

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