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You don't need to do it alone, MIS is here to help. 

How Can This Help You?

This two day retreat is Intended of the foundations retreat is to increase the confidence when parenting and collaborating together to parent in ways

they feel comfortable and confident. If

confidence is knowledge, the foundations

retreat is intended to increase your

knowledge on yourself by using our Parent

Foundations Journal to guide questions and

explore more in depth ideas that influence

who you are. While exploring your history

and exploring your values we use this

information to gain better insight on the

actions you are doing now and how they

align with what you want for your children

long term.

Thinking Man on Couch

Chapters Reviewed


Dive into a variety of questions that helps you understand how you see your child, their strengths & their weaknesses.


Explore your history with your parents, how you were raised, and how the parenting figures in your life influenced who you are 


Explore a variety of definitions as you understand yourself and your ideas surrounding influential ideas such as discipline, consistency, love, and much more. 


Looking into the future, we take a chance to explore the desires and hopes for the future. Exploring your hopes helps you also understand the influences you have today and how these influences are leading you towards these desired hopes. 


Understanding the support system you have around you, how you use this support, and how you can continue blossom the relationships around you as you continue the parenting journey. 


Not just looking at what discipline means, but we begin to explore how you're day to day actions send the messages you are hoping for to continue leading your little ones. 


With emotional regulation being one of the most influential parts of parenting, we begin to explore the feelings that arise in you that make it difficult to send clear messages. We explore how you emotionally regulate and teach your children the same. 


Wee begin to explore how you both come together to parent the children you love so dearly. Whether married or just co-parenting, the relationship you embark on when you became parents is one deserving of confidence and insight.

How does the retreat work?

Over the course of approximately 2 days, we utilize the parenting journey created by Dr. Daisy Monterroso, called Parent Foundations to explore various topics related to being a parent. As we go in depth to the understandings of yourself, your beliefs, you're history, and your intentions, we work together to increase confidence, increase communication, and increase the positive experiences you have with each other and your children.

There is so much information explored and moment managed, that seperating this into 10-15 weeks can lead us to be influenced by the moments of life and even distracted. The retreat provides an opportunity to get away from it all and invest in your confidence as a parent by understanding yourself deeply. 

What days and times are the retreats completed?

Retreat Options:


Option A: Friday Evening (4pm-8pm), Saturday Day (9-6)

[Lunch Break Included Saturday]

Option B: Saturday(9am-4pm), Sunday (9am-4pm)

[Lunch Break Included both days]

Option C: Sunday (9am-6pm), Monday (8am-12pm)

[Lunch Break Included Sunday]

Option D: Two Saturdays or Two Sundays Back to Back (-9am-4pm each day) [Lunch Break Included both days]

What is the cost?

Cost: $3,500

Included; two parent foundations journals, 10-15 hours of 1-1 meeting with Dr. Daisy Monterroso, guiding the Parenting Foundations Journal while creating confidence and alignments in parenting.

Location Cost:

In Pembroke Pines Office - No additonal Cost

> 30 min - $50 each day additional

< 30 min - 60 min -$100 each day additional

More than 60 min - Approval needed

Virtual - At this time, virtual is not an option due to the nature of the work created.

Im worried, what should I expect?

Our Parent Foundations Retreat is a unique experience. That makes sense if you might be worried! Our retreat can be done in a vacation spot, your home, or the clinic, providing you with a safe and distraction free environment. Dr. Daisy Monterroso has specialized in child behavior modification for over 10 years, has a Masters in Mental Health Counseling, and a Doctorate in Marriage and Family Therapy. These degrees and specializations have allowed her the best opportunity to guide you and your parent partner through deep questions for a better personal understanding. If you have any worries about arguing during the retreat, Dr. Daisy is trained to utilize these moments for growth and work together as you move through a guided parent foundations journey. Contact the office for any ques


“Asking for help is always a sign of strength.”
–Michelle Obama

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$3,500 - Retreat held at the Pembroke Pines Location 

$3,500, + $100 (two days of >30 min driving distance) - Retreat held at a location of your choice. 

$3,500 + $200 (two days of <30 - 60> min driving distance) - Retreat held at a location of your choice. 

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