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Psychological & Educational Evaluations

Monterroso Integrative Services, INC provides a variety of testing services in both of our comfortable offices in Miami-Dade and Broward County for children, adolescents, and adults - including ASD, Psychoeducational evaluations, developmental evaluations, gifted/Intelligence (IQ), memory, processing, psychological/personality, and vocational assessments. 

Why Get A Psychological or Psychoeducational Evaluation

Though we may be quick to search all the answers to our concerns and wonders, getting psychological evaluations can help support an understanding of you or your child's needs. 

Did someone tell you you need an evaluation?

Have your child's behaviors shifted or changed drastically?

Have your child's milestones "halted?"

Are you wondering your child's intelligence?

Has your school required a psycho-educational?

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What will the evaluation process look like?

Intake - Testing - Feedback

Intake session (approximately 60 minutes)

The testing psychologist will meet with you, and or your child to gain a better understanding of your concerns and hope through the evaluation. The testing psychologist will obtain a variety of information about you or your Child's academic, medical, and developmental history while also gaining knowledge on their social, emotional, or behavioral concerns & history. 

Testing session (number of sessions vary related to the type of testing)

Testing can span between 2-3 mornings, in which the hours will vary dependent on the assessments that will be completed. If possible, a full day of assessments can be arranged if it is appropriate. During the intake session, your testing psychologist will elaborate more on what is to be expected during the testing sessions. Once completed, your testing psychologist will work behind the scenes of scoring, analyzing, and interpreting the test results. Once completed, the testing psychologist will then complete a written report with information on intervention recommendations. During the testing, the psychologist may consult with other professionals in the clients life (teachers, psychiatrists, primary care physicians, etc. in order to obtain any additional information needed for the evaluation report.


*Please note: Gifted testing is generally completed within two hours and a written report is completed within a week of the testing session. 

Feedback session

Once the testing is completed, the testing psychologist will make an appointment to review the results of the testing. Findings of the evaluations will be discussed and the testing psychologist will help you understand the results and recommendations. A complete comprehensive report will be provided as well (all other assessments will be provided within 10 days of the testing session). 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which test is most appropriate to select?

When you call our office (954-780-6093) you will speak with our wonderful receptionist that will obtain more information, discuss with the testing psychologist and get back to you with the best testing plan. Each person's needs are different, so selecting the best assessments to evaluate your desires is key to a successful report. 

How much does it cost? 

Testing options vary. When you call, our receptionist will send you our psychological & education assessment fee list in which you can review our packages. Please note, if additional tests are required, your testing psychologist will recommend them and you will be provided an estimate prior to your initial appointment. 

Can my insurance cover the evaluation?

No, not at this time. Also, in our experience, insurance companies generally do not provide reimbursement for the diagnosis of learning disorders and/or testing that is considered to be educational in nature.

However, we will always provide you an invoice with diagnostic and procedure codes so that you can submit it to your insurance company in hopes of receiving some reimbursement for the cost of the evaluation.

Is there a payment plan available? 

We understand that evaluations can be costly. If a payment plan is needed, just let us know and we will work to support you! 

When will I receive my results? 

The comprehensive reports can be provided 2-4 weeks (10-20 business days) after the testing session. The time may vary with the type of testing administered and the time required for scoring and completing the comprehensive report (25-30 pages at times).

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