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MIS Summer Camp


1311 N Palm Ave, Pembroke Pines FL 33026


June 24th- August 9th from 9:00-2:30pm

$150 weekly (cost may be adjusted with full-time 1-1 support)

1-1  Support available & MIS And outside Therapist welcome!

Embark on an extraordinary summer escapade at MIS Therapy Camp! Our camp is a haven where young adventurers can embark on a journey of skill-building and joyous exploration. Bursting with laughter, friendship, and endless excitement, our diverse range of activities promises thrills for every child.
From unleashing creativity in arts and crafts to fostering teamwork in group games, from the thrill of outdoor adventures to the rhythm of music & dance, and from mastering culinary arts to preparing for school, there's an adventure awaiting every camper.
Each day is packed with activities carefully designed to enhance crucial skills like imitation, motor skills, socialization, language development, comprehension, self-management, and everyday life skills. In our classroom setting, children can dive into school readiness exercises and other essential learning experiences.
Our vibrant play area beckons with delights like trampolines, indoor gyms, ball pits, and interactive games, providing the perfect backdrop for children to sharpen their social skills and make lasting memories.
Guided by certified therapists with years of experience, our program is tailored to the individual needs of each child, ensuring they receive the personalized support they deserve. We also extend a warm invitation to outside therapists, fostering a collaborative environment focused on the well-being and growth of every camper.

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  • How much is the camp?
    The camp is $150 weekly for our MIS active clients. Non-MIS clients are welcome to join us at a rate of $150 - with prices varying for 1-1 support.
  • Do we have to pay if we are receiving services from MIS?
    Yes, and this is to cover our counselors, snack, and the activities which will all be provided by MIS. At our camp we will have special guests, bounce houses, arts & craft, water play and so much more. All we ask is that you send your little one with extra clothes and lunch!
  • If I'm not joining the camp, can my child continue to be seen in the center for the summer?
    YES! They will not be apart of the camp schedule and programs but they may continue to have services at the center.
  • Is lunch provided?
    We will have Pizza available everyday, however we know that our little ones might be on special diets or meal plans. Your little ones are welcome to indulge in our pizza each day or you may pack their lunch for the day. We will have the list of snacks available to your family, so you may see in advance if you would like to send them with additional snacks.
  • What should my child bring to camp each day?
    Feel free to bring anything they would feel comfortable with! In additional we ask that you send your little one with: - Extra pair of clothes (shirt, pants, underwear) - Water Bottle with their name on it - Snacks they may enjoy outside of the ones we provide - Lunch (If you would like them not to have pizza)
  • What are the daily hours of the camp?
    Our Camp will run from 9am-2:30pm
  • If I pick up my child early or drop them off late or they miss a day in the week, does the price change?
    Unfortunately no, as we will have the weeks & days prepared with the fun & activities already purchased.
  • Im nervous to leave my little one, can I stay?
    Leaving your little ones is always difficult, we understand. We have rooms set up in the front office if you would like to stay for a little while in case of an emergency and can set up our parent portal to watch the cameras to allow you a space to feel comfortable in the beginning (first days). After the first days, we hope you will be confident to allow your little one to join on their own but will support you the best we can in the beginning. If this does not provide the comfort needed, no worries, speak with our assistant director and she can best support you on the next steps (
  • Do I have to sign up for all 6 weeks?
    No, you can schedule a week at a time. If you schedule for less than 4 weeks, the full amount will be due 1 week prior to the camps start date and the weeks provided in advance.
  • If I change my mind and would like my child to join for more weeks, will they have a spot?
    We will have a limit to the number of students available to attend the camp, so unfortunately if we are filled after you have decided to increase the number of weeks, we will be unable to accommodate your little one.
  • Do you offer early drop off or late pick up?
    Yes, for a fee of $20 an hour as early as 7am and as late as 6pm. This person will not be a trained RBT and there will not be specific activities prepared for them.
  • What does the daily schedule look like?
    Our days will be incorporated with a variety of activities! The days will remained structured, to provide the most opportunity for skill development and in order to provide a preschool-like environment. The days will incorporate Circle Time Table time Academic Inclusion - Through games and play Sensory Friendly - Play room Play Area - Free time Included special events! Bounce house Water Play Carnival Day (cotton Candy machine, balloon creator, face painters) Character Days Music Therapy Guest Art Therapy Guest Themed Weeks Week 1: Carnival Week Week 2: Character Week Week 3: Superhero Week Week 4: Music Week Week 5: Disney Week Week 6: Spirit Week
  • My child needs 1-1 support, how can this be arranged?
    If you are receiving ABA Therapy with MIS: - If you have a therapist support during those times normally, they can join us in the camp! - If you have a therapist support, but they are during different hours than the camp, you'll need to speak with your supervisor and see if (1) it would be best to move hours (2) are there additional hours from the authorization that can be used? If you are receiving ABA Therapy from a different company (other than MIS): We will need a specific background completed, but they are welcome to join us throughout the entire camp! I dont have any support, but I would like my child to have support: We would have you speak with the Assistant Director to see some private pay versus insurance covered options for services. She can be contacted act or 954-780-6093 Ext 11
  • Who will be at the center with my child?
    Our camp will be lead by our Lead Clinical Assistant (RBT), Ana. She has worked with MIS for many years, and supports our clinical director in the ABA and Mental Health Department. She will have the support of other RBTs and the direct RBT's that might be with other students. Our Billing Coordinator will be present as the front receptionist and is present at the office from open to close, ensuring no adult is alone with a child for safety purposes. Any outside adult joining the MIS camp will be background checked prior to entry at a level two screening, as required by the Department of Children & Families.
  • Is payment due in full when I register?
    Payment in full is required under the following conditions: (1) You will be paying using the Florida Step Up For Kids Scholarship or any other Scholarship. (2) You will be joining less than 4 out of the 6 weeks. In any other case, the weeks will be charged 1 week in advance. First payment received June 17th for the start of the camp on June 24th. This will be on automatic payment on the preferred card on file.
  • What is the refund policy?
    Refunds may be processed with at least 2 weeks in advance notice (14 days) from the cancellation date (or week). Specific Days cannot be refunded, however if your child will not be attending an entire week (Monday Through Friday), we must have notice at least 14 days in advance for a full refund. Outside of this window, due to preparations, refunds will not be available.
  • Who do I contact if my child will miss a day of camp?
    You can contact, call 954-780-6093 Ext 2 (leave a voicemail if needed) or email
  • Will the MIS BCBA be joining camp?
    Yes! For all of our MIS clients joining our camp, your BCBA (supervisor) will tailor the programs to ensure they are receiving the best support towards their goals. They will join during the camp and provide the supervision directly on site. All activities during camp will be created with the supervisors teams input (BCBA, BCaBA's, Directors, & Lead assistants)
  • What if my BCBA supervisor is not from MIS, can they supervise?
    Absolutely, we would just need a copy of their most recent level 2 background check (broward badge or ACHA background) - and if they do not have this, we will have this processed for them prior to supervision. Contact for any questions, and she can get you started!
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