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Monterroso Integrative Services (MIS) provides unique services for families & Individuals seeking counseling or assistance with behavioral concerns and/or skill deficits. Our goal is to provide services in any environment needed, be it at school, home, or in the community. MIS utilizes a collaborative approach to provide individuals, families, or children with the services they need from the professionals that can best assist them. Our team of Mental Health Counselors and Behavior Therapists come together to provide the South Florida community with a new integrative approach to systemic counseling and ABA Therapy. Whether it is for you, your marriage, your family, or your children, our diverse MIS team can provide you with the services you need.

Our Focus

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Also known as Psychotherapy, talk therapy is the process of a patient exploring their emotions with the help of a therapist. 


Whether you're dealing with more stress than you could handle, struggles with anxiety or depression, conflicts in your relationships, or more serious mental health concerns- therapy can help.

Our therapists are skilled in Individual Counseling, Counseling for Couples, and Family Therapy.


Wondering if therapy is the right move for you?

We're pretty good at talking things out, just give us a call.

ABA therapy, also known as Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the science of behavior utilized in the real world. This science has been known as one of the most effective treatments for children with Autism (ASD) and other behavioral concerns.


Behavioral concerns can affect each person within a family and can create a highly stressful environment. At MIS, our Licensed Behavior Analysts (BCBA's & BCaBA's) assist by creating specialized programs for behavior reduction while using ABA techniques at home, school and/or out in the community. 

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Psychiatry and medication often carry a big, scary taboo. When are you supposed to make the decision to seek medication and how does it even work?

Sometimes, psychotherapy alone can be very effective. Other times, a combination of medication and psychotherapy is most effective. That's why our MIS Psychiatrists take the time to understand your situation and create a personalized plan for your betterment.

Monterroso Integrative Services, INC provides a variety of testing services in both of our comfortable offices in the heart of Coral Gables & Pembroke Pines, FL for children, adolescents, and adults - including ASD, Psycho-educational, developmental, gifted/Intelligence (IQ), memory, processing, psychological/personality, and vocational assessments. 

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Conflict is a normal part of life and parenting- but sometimes we need extra support. Our coaching and training programs provide parents with "in-the-moment" training and feedback to better manage your relationship with your child. We teach you how to implement techniques accurately and consistently to help ease whatever problems you are facing with your family.

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