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When you are a parent, Valentine’s Day celebrations are usually comprised of glittery hearts, dozens of small cards with every child’s name on it, and little candies no one will ever truly eat. #Letsbehonest This Valentine’s Day, MIS and Dr. Daisy Monterroso invite you to immerse yourself in a workshop encouraging self-love, exploration, and re-connection to who you are, while working towards who you want to be as a parent.

This “parenting job” did not come with a manual, per se, but our parent-focused workshop is a space for new and seasoned parents to explore their values, morals, and discipline styles, while learning to laugh at the things that make this whole parenting gig a hot mess at times.

Our brunch journey begins with snacks and MIMOSAS (non-alcoholic beverages will be available as well). Throughout this time we’ll share our craziest stories and work to debunk the parenting idea that fill our heads at times. We will move on to a guided meditation led by the wonderful Yoga Instructor, Grace Elliott, to get our bodies and mind ready for this insightful experience.

Come engage in fun activities that highlight values, morals, discipline, our family of origin influences, co-parenting, and much more with Dr. Daisy Monterroso, a Behavior Therapist and Marriage and Family Therapist. Her experience working with all types of children and families will allow deep conversations and insight on how your own ideas influence what you do as a parent. You’ll get a first look into Dr. Monterroso’s “START program” and learn 5 steps to managing your children’s disruptive behaviors while not losing yourself in the process.

We invite parents to join us on February 29th from 10am-1pm as we explore what it means to be a parent, while maintaining sight of who we are and who we want to be.


Space available for only 10 coupled or parents

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