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COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 has affected and dramatically shifted our families' lives to adapt to the changes of our new world. Anxieties have risen as we wonder what tomorrow may bring. MIS is here to support through it all.

We all understand that COVID-19 has brought trying times to our personal lives and to our family systems. We have also learned that we can make this the most influential time in our lives if we allow it. We want to thank our wonderful families who have provided us patience and understanding as we work to deliver to best services to them. We want to also thank our wonderful MIS team who has sacrificed their time and energy to making sure our clients are cared for and supported. 

SUSPENDED: At this time we have suspended all large group events, group therapies, or social skills groups until further notice. 

NEW: As a company we have worked diligently to provide our families & clients a VIRTUAL FORMAT! We are providing Telehealth services for ABA Parent Training, ABA Supervision, Parent Coaching, Individual Therapy, Family Therapy, & Marriage Counseling. 

CONTINUING: As an essential business by the local authorities, our dedicated MIS team continues to provide (a) In Home-ABA Direct Therapy (B) and Individual, Marriage, and Family Therapy in our Coral Gables & Pembroke Pines Office. 

·Call us today at 954-780-6093 or write to use at if your child is authorized for ABA services and you are interested in modified in-home support or would like other therapeutic services via Telehealth or in office. 

"Its not about what it is, but about what it can become" 
- Dr. Seuss

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