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Support Groups

In the mist of a global pandemic, many of us have learn that we can't do life alone. Our virtual and in person support groups are set up to support you in the area of your life you'd like to most focus on

Our support groups are 8 weeks, and are tailored to bring together link minded individuals struggling with similar concerns. 

Contact us if you have any questions or concerns! 

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Teen Support Group 

Teenage years is no easy task. Moving through puberty, friends, getting good grades, and building new relationships with your family, join our therapist Tassia as she works with our teens to understand themselves better, build better relationships, build their confidence, and explore who they are and what that even means!

Reconnecting After COVID

COVID has taken many things from us. COVID has also brought one thing we all can't deny, a new sense of loneliness. Making friends in this world is different than it was before. Led by our therapist, Jessica, Join us as we explore these new changes and and what we can do to reconnect with those around us.

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Dating Differently 

Move away from the same chaos we call dating, and lets jump into a new way!

Tuesdays, at 8pm; Virtual


Finding love is no easy task. Led by Dr. Daisy Monterroso, a Dr. In Marriage and Family Therapy, our Dating different group will allow you the opportunity to explore yourself, your desires, your values, your boundaries and your goals so that you can go into 2023 with a fresh lens on dating.

Social Skills 

Social Skills groups are filled with opportunity! Giving our children the opportunity to interact with one another and other peer supporters their age is a priceless gift. Our skilled behavior staff are prepared to guide, support, and care for your children in these great social skills groups!

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