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Includes access for two parents


February 3-March 24, 2022



We are so excited to support you and get you to a place you are proud of when managing your little ones. Parenting is no easy job, but it is one that comes with trials and rewards. There was no manual provided the day you brought your little one home and you have doing the best you can. This group is designed to teach, support, and put you back in the driver seat while feeling in control when conflict rises with your little ones. 


Our group has been designed to provide various forms of support. This includes 8 weeks of: 

-       Weekly Pre-Recorded videos 

-       Support Group Chat 

-       Direct Group meeting 4x across the 8 weeks.

-       10-15 Cheat Sheets on managing behavioral concerns!


Our hope is that this group will be a place where you can be open, honest, and see there are other parents struggling with similar concerns. There are many parents who want to ensure they are doing what’s best for their children. There are also many parents who are annoyed, tired, overwhelmed, who yell, punish too quickly, and find themselves in a power struggles. If you resonate with this, then get excited, this is the group for you!

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