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Includes access for 1 teen


February 3-March 24, 2022

Thursdays 6pm



Does your child:

  • Struggle with anxiety (panic, worry, GI problems)

  •  Can use support with relationships (romantic and friendships)

  •  Feel misunderstood 

  •  Has a struggle with one of both parents 

  • Struggle with self confidence 



This may be the group for them! Led by Dr.Daisy Monterroso, our clinical director, this group hopes to be a place of support and guidance, as they go through one of the most influential times in their lives. In this group we will focus on: 


-Managing Anxiety 

-Managing through social media

- The changes that happen in the teen years 

-Managing through parent conflict 

- Building confidence 

-Building healthy relationships 

-Grieving through COVID changes.

-Much more! 


At this time the group will take place virtually, allowing your child to join from wherever they are!


Groups will meet Thursdays at 6pm starting February 3 for intervals of 8 weeks (first cycle Feb 3-March 24)

Location: Via Zoom 

Host: Dr. Daisy Monterroso 

Cost: - total of $200 ($25 per session) for 8 week


We are excited to support your teens. Limited number of spots, so sign up today! 

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