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Artist Carter

Registered Behavior Technician

Artist is a RBT whom had first hand experiences as a child with the developmentally disabled, dually diagnosed ,and mentally challenged individuals. He was curious to understand why these individuals were as they were, and wanted to learn and help them. This desire transitioned into him getting employment in the ABA field where he sought some of his education in psychology ( various certifications, BA Psychology ) at Miami Dade Community, FIU, and online platforms. During this journey, Artist developed more of a passion for the ABA field and worked out of several environmental settings whereas he utilized such strategies such as DTT,PEC,NET, and positive reinforcement on verbal /nonverbal clients dually diagnosed, SIB, ADHD, autistic, and flesh-eaters.
Artist utilizes a variety of modalities in treatment and puts himself in the place of the client to gain more insight in the assessment ,thus executing a more effective BPI.

Therapeutic Specialties

Verbal Behavior, Daily Living Skills, Decrease Aggressive behaviors, Decreaase Tantrums, Social Skills, Token Systems, Improve Attention Concerns, Increase replacement behaviors, Self Care, Learning and Academic Skills

What is important to you, for your client to feel, when working with you?

When I am working with the client ,it is important to me for the client to feel and know that positive change is coming. It is important for the client to trust and want to diligently commit to achieve said goals.

Who do you believe you are for a client as they manage their problems?

I believe that I am a wearer of many hats as the client manage their problems .Based on the situation, I believe I am the guide, the advocate, listener ,advisor, teacher, etc.

What drives your passion for seeing clients?

Growing up around and being involved in individuals lives that needed help, and me at the time feeling helpless has sparked a hunger in me. Today when I see where the individual was in the past , and where they have progressed, drives me to desire to do more, and to do it even better.

How do you believe clients "get better"?

I believe that a client gets better when ascertaining the progression from the deficiencies that has been impeding his/her life. A roadmap to achieving this is consistency through evidence based practices coupled with the belief that I can and will do it.

ABA Department

Artist Carter


Florida International University Psychology

Client Age Range

Children (6-12), Teens (13-17), Adult (+18), Geriatric (65+)

Languages Spoken


Personal Hobbies

When I am not working ,I enjoy various activities /hobbies such as going on a nature walk, driving in the country ,or listening to the ocean. Additionally, I take pleasure in spending quality time with my loved ones ,going to church, shopping, finding ways to improve self, listening to music, research, and going out to get some good food!

"A failure is not always a mistake ,it may simply be the best one can do under the circumstances. The real mistake is to stop trying." - Burrhus Frederic Skinner

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